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Our Founder

Rabbi Beryl Epstein started giving tours in 1982. For over 35 years his mission was to educate, inspire, and familiarize all people with cultural warmth and understanding. Rabbi Epstein gave the tours because he wanted people to be able to get an inside view of the Chassidic community with someone in the community. He had wished there had been something like this for him. Growing up with a small jewish community in Chattanooga, TN he had wished he had been able to learn about judaism and ask questions to someone living in the Orthodox/Chassidic community.

Our Story

With the passing of Rabbi Beryl Epstein in April 2017, Rabbi Epstein has passed the legacy on to his daughter Chaya. She hopes to continue this tremendous responsibility. Continuing to educate all people about Jewish and Chassidic Life.


We look forward to hosting you soon!